Paid Search Marketing


Having managed Google Ads campaigns with annual budgets of $1.4 Million, we know that one major benefit of Pay Per Click advertising, whether it be through Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook or Instagram Ads, is knowing your ads will be presented to users with high intent – that is, people who are looking for your product or service – RIGHT NOW!

We will research, design, develop, test, and manage your Paid Search campaigns to ensure your message is being presented most effectively to those people searching for you, your product, or service.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads

Research, designing, and developing a Google Ads account – from scratch – is such a demanding endeavor that it sends even the most capable business owner into a frenzy.

And then actually managing an Ads account is another monster entirely.

Ads management, even when using Google’s Ads Editor — which doesn’t assist with correct campaign structure, bidding strategy, or ad copy optimization — quickly becomes overwhelming.

Included in our management service is: Google Search, Remarketing, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, and Analytics.

YouTube Ads Management

YouTube Ads

We all know, and have experienced, the power and effectiveness of video online. And an optimized YouTube Ads campaign can do wonders to a company’s bottom line.

In fact, a well-thought-out campaign will even allow you to “hi-jack” your competitors’ advertising efforts and present your ads to THEIR audience.

With the right hook, a killer offer, compelling video and benefit-laden/client-centric script, YouTube Ads lets you turn viewers into clients and to precisely target them when and where it’s most relevant to them.

Facebook and Instagram Ads management

Facebook/Instagram Ads

For the right business, the Facebook, and Instagram (we’ll use Facebook from here on out) platforms can be the perfect venue. With approximately 2.89 billion monthly active users as June 2021, that’s a lot of eyeballs to be able to get in front of.

When it comes to Facebook advertising, you don’t want to use a one-size-fits-all solution that was designed to accommodate every business.

We test everything – from design to demographic targeting, ad copy, graphics/photos, static ads, carousel ads, and video ads to discover which is the most effective – read “profitable.”

Our management will help you gain a priceless competitive advantage over your competitors.

Stop wasting your money on badly managed Pay Per Click advertising.
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