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As an Author, Speaker, Workshop presenter and Digital Marketing Expert Frank Buddenbrock is available for media interviews to discuss topics of Marketing Strategies, Photography, and Expeditioning.


Podcast - Val Low Interviews Frank Buddenbrock about Online Marketing


In this episode, Val Low of Focus & Freedom Podcast interviews Frank Buddenbrock of Can You Find Me Now, shares his 38 years of expertise in marketing. When Frank realized the potential of an internet business, Google had not yet emerged. Frank highlights SEO, Google and Facebook ads and email marketing to maintain customer engagement.

Val Low is a MAP IT Master & Brand Strategist and takes entrepreneurs to their next level of growth and impact. Through visual business mapping, Val works with entrepreneurs to take their dreams and business ideas out of their head and bring them to life. Val provides strategy on creating a message and brand to stand out in a noisy marketplace that people love to talk about.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Advertising is necessary even for well-known brands.
  • The low level of follow-up by businesses.
  • The importance of researching and understanding the target audience for effective ads.
  • Creating converting landing pages and addressing the specific needs of the target audience.
  • The importance of staying in front of the audience through email.