Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Want to increase online traffic to your website as quickly as possible?

Pay Per Click ManagementPay-Per-Click advertising can deliver visitors to your website almost immediately. PPC advertising can give you maximum exposure while allowing you to control the amount you want to spend on your marketing campaign. Plus, the effectiveness of your ad campaign can be monitored and tracked for optimum results.

Google AdWords campaigns are the most targeted and effective online programs currently available, combining the ability to research your keywords, and to target specific geographic locations to display the ads. Advertisers are charged based on click-throughs- advertisers pay Google each time someone clicks on their ad.

Google has a number of safeguards in place- fees are charged only when visitors click on an ad, and are charged only once per day. Your competitors can’t drain your budget by continually clicking on one of your ads.

How Google AdWords (Pay-Per-Click) Works

Your ads will be triggered by searchers based on the relevancy of their search to your chosen keywords, and if your bid amount is sufficient to warrant your ad being displayed. The bid amount is the amount you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad.

A campaign has several steps:

— Campaign set-up/structure
— Keyword Research
— Determining best potential ad network (search, display, PLA Ads, etc.)
— Ad Writing, or display ad layout and design
— Determining a budget
— Choosing the networks your ads will display on
— Building effective landing pages with calls-to-action
— Monitoring the campaign to optimize the return on investment
— Developing lists of negative keywords
— Testing variables to increase ROI

When a campaign is well-managed, ads will achieve higher page rankings at decreased costs while outperforming your competition.

Google AdWords Campaign Management Fees

Google AdWords management fees are assessed monthly. Our rate is 10% of your monthly spend, with a $1,500 minimum monthly fee. Our Discover and Set-up fee is $2,350.

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