Thank you for joining me here with the dream of making 2018 a fantastic year- I look forward to helping you work ON your business, and not IN your business, an idea suggested by Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth Resivisted. You’ll probably tell me that you don’t have time to work ON your business. Well, MAKE TIME, and make it now. Because if you don’t, you’ll eventually have all the time in the world because you’ll soon be OUT of business.

Marketing Consulting in 2018- Working ON Your Business, Not Just IN Your Business.Working IN your business would be things like improving your operations, training new staff, upgrading old equipment, or streamlining your current processes. I can’t help with those, but I will present many, many ideas on how you could increase the flow of customers and clients to your business. I’m going to share with you techniques that will help you grow your business 2x, 3x or more.

I’ve chosen Wednesday to present new material because I think that the middle of the week works well for the mind set I’m preparing you for. It’ll give you some time on Thursday, Friday and over the weekend to ruminate, cogitate and meditate on the ideas I’ve presented and to fill out the checklist, to-do list, or worksheet. Use them to organize a plan to implement on Monday. What better way to start your work week than with a new plan to increase the growth of your business!For the most part, I’ll be sharing ideas on how to MARKET your business more effectively because as business expert Peter Drucker has pointed out, “A business has ONLY ONE purpose- to bring in a customer.” If you don’t bring in customers, you DON’T have a business, you have a hobby! And that is not sustainable.

As a marketing consultant, I realize that most business owners are NOT marketing experts, nor should they be. Each of us have our areas of expertise and we should spend the majority of our time and energy there, since it is after all what generates our revenue. We should hire people to take care of the other aspects of our business. I find it curious that a business owner is expected to be a great marketer in addition to their specific area of expertise. Why do we assume that a brilliant plastic surgeon, for example, should also be a great marketer when we don’t think twice if he hires a CPA, insurance agent, lawyer, IT support, equipment repair, carpet cleaning company, and administrative staff? While our doctor probably COULD do all of those jobs, is it really the best use of his time? NO!

It’s with this idea in mind that I offer these worksheets and checklists. Use them to ensure that you’re following a strategy that will get you and your company to where you want to be. Some of the topics I’ll be presenting include:
✔  10 Business Development Ideas That’ll Grow Your Business
11 Questions You Must Ask Before You Try To Bring A New Service Or Product To Market
✔  15 Ways to Drive More Visitors To Your Website
Marketing Plan Check-up For New Product Or Service
Are You Still Marketing The “Old Way?”
✔  11 Powerful Items For Your Website’s About Us Page
✔  10 Point Press Release Checklist
✔  5 Steps To Learning From Failure
✔  13 Tips To Developing a Winning Presentation

I’ll be developing additional lists as time goes on, but if you have a pressing need, please shoot me an email (frank(at)staging2.canyoufindmenow.com)– we’ll see if we can’t address it.

I look forward to hearing of your business success in 2018.

Frank Buddenbrock