The 7 Mistakes Attorneys Make Advertising With Google Ads

The 7 Most Costly Mistakes Lawyers Make Advertising With Google AdWordsWith virtually everybody foregoing the print version of the Yellow Pages and rushing to the Internet as their choice of advertising medium, few have embraced it as enthusiastically as the legal field. Unfortunately, law firms are not getting the results they anticipated.

Google makes it very easy to spend money advertising on their networks, too easy. It’s interesting to me that when law firms used to do most of their advertising in print mediums such as magazines, newspapers and the Yellow Pages, most of them would hire ad agencies or marketing companies to brainstorm concepts, design a layout, shoot the photos, write the copy, and develop an offer. Now, apparently, anybody can do what took marketing experts, designers, photographers and copywriters years to perfect. Or at least they think so. But when it’s not done right, it costs a fortune.

I describe the most costly mistakes:

•  Keywords/Phrase Too Broad

Pay Per Click Management

•  Weak Keyword choices

•  Poorly written ads

•  Ineffective, or non-existent, landing pages

•  Not monitoring the results

•  Not tracking

•  Not testing

By addressing these mistakes, and fixing them, your AdWords budgets will go much further.

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